Accomplishments and Record

Above all else, my goal is to provide excellent constituent service and to be an accessible and responsive representative. This includes hosting over a hundred open office hour events and community meetings, attending nearly every neighborhood association meeting, and helping to resolve over a thousand constituent issues.

I expect no one to agree with everything I do, but hope that all appreciate how hard I work and how much care I put into it. If you have any questions about my record or accomplishments, please do not hesitate to contact me. Finally, none of this work could happen without the countless and amazing staff, organizations, and individuals who work every day to make Minneapolis a better city... THANK YOU!

It is an honor and pleasure to serve the people of Ward 12.

~ Andrew

Ward 12 Specific

  • Currently working on three different affordable housing developments (4041 Hiawatha Ave, Snelling Yards, and 54th Street & Riverview Road)
  • Providing support to businesses during Minnehaha Avenue Reconstruction, from securing a billboard on Hiawatha Ave and other marketing support, to helping with logistics such as parking access
  • Led effort to restore funding for Nokomis Healthy Seniors, which has helped thousands of residents stay in their homes as they age, keeping them healthy both physically and mentally
  • Currently working to improve voter experiences and reduce wait times by splitting multiple precincts
  • Currently working to have trash grids installed at Lake Hiawatha to significantly reduce litter entering the lake from the stormwater system, along with other water quality improvements
  • (See a number of additional efforts related to Ward 12 under other categories)

Small Businesses

  • Authored the repeal of over three-dozen antiquated ordinances and helped lower a number of license fees
  • Currently working with the Mayor and City Attorney to streamline and simplify processes and regulations under the Business Made Simple initiative
  • Currently working to create a business portal (see example) and make permits available online
  • Passed an ordinance allowing temporary extended business hours
  • Endorsed and campaigned for repeal of the outdated 70/30 laws
  • Helped get SAC fees waived and reduced for a number of Ward 12 businesses
  • (See efforts to support businesses during Minnehaha Avenue reconstruction under "Ward 12")

Government Transparency

  • Led effort to pass an Open Data Policy and launch website, making Minneapolis 16th in the nation to do so
  • Authored staff directives to post neighborhood association budgets, performance reports, and bylaws online
  • Worked to get City Council meetings posted on YouTube so that they are now available indefinitely and more easily shared

Public Safety

  • Secured additional resources for North Minneapolis in 2014 from the Sheriff, which led to Joint Enforcement Teams and better investigations follow-up
  • Led effort to get the Fire Chief, Finance, and others on the same page to increase the number of firefighters
  • Worked with Mayor's Office to secure additional resources for MPD investigations in 2016 budget
  • Brought attention to delays in 911 call time answers and pushed for system improvements (before and after story)
  • Appointed to the Metropolitan Emergency Services Board, working to increase cross-jurisdiction collaboration for Emergency Management Systems
  • Worked closely with MPD 3rd Precinct, neighborhood associations, and residents to address burglaries, promote home and block safety, and turn-around the trend
  • (See co-authorship of budget amendment for police training under "racial equity")
  • (See appointment to DOJ subcommittee under "racial equity")


  • Authored ordinance change to enforce ban on environmentally-harmful containers, require commercial recycling, and to make it friendlier for businesses
  • Identified restrictions on urban agriculture as unconstitutional, resulting in lifting of restrictions
  • Completed study on deconstruction and currently working with staff and Council Member (CM) Palmisano on a construction and demolition waste diversion ordinance
  • Requested Public Works to bring forward proposal to fast-track LED streetlight rollout, ultimately included in the 2016 budget
  • Worked to make Ward 12 PERC-free (a carcinogenic dry cleaning chemical) and currently working on an ordinance to reduce PERC use across Minneapolis
  • Worked with legislators to provide municipalities authority to restrict pesticides that are harmful to pollinators
  • Co-hosted a city-wide forum on Zero Waste
  • (See effort to reduce litter in Lake Hiawatha under "Ward 12")
  • (See co-authorship of Green Zones under "racial equity")

Racial Justice and Equity

  • Leading Restorative Justice expansion, including working with the Mayor to triple funding via the 2016 budget, completing a study, and hosting a city-wide forum
  • Co-authored 2016 budget amendment to fast-track implicit bias and procedural justice training for police officers
  • Co-authored 2016 budget staff directive to create website for increased transparency and accountability of racial equity initiatives
  • Fought during 2015 budget process for equity office positions, One Minneapolis Fund, and Clean Energy funding
  • Co-hosted northside forum with CM Yang in the aftermath of Ferguson to examine community/police relationships
  • Appointed to Department of Justice subcommittee on improving Minneapolis community/police relationships (recommendations currently being developed)
  • Pushed on HR, Legal, and MPD (with CM Yang) for greater action on racial disparities in officer hiring, and later co-hosted a public forum
  • One of only three CMs to vote against the East Phillips Water Yard (watch speech)
  • Co-authored Indigenous Peoples Day resolution
  • Co-authored Green Zones Resolution, forming a task force to bring forward recommendations addressing the disproportionate impact of pollution on communities of color
  • Co-authored resolution calling on Washington to change their NFL team name
  • Laid out a strong case for repealing the lurking and spitting ordinances
  • Called for an independent federal investigation into the death of Jamar Clark


  • Led effort to improve light timings along Hiawatha Avenue (Highway 55)
  • Led policy change to increase ADA pedestrian infrastructure compliance
  • Successfully pushed for dedicated bicycle lanes and wider sidewalks for 38th Street reconstruction
  • Advocating to route Minnehaha Creek trail under 28th Street bridge as part of the upcoming reconstruction
  • Hosted community meeting in Standish-Ericsson on bicycle and pedestrian infrastructure improvements
  • Pushed for better sidewalk snow removal enforcement in the winter, led to a ten-fold increase
  • One of four CMs to vote against Penn Ave reconstruction plans due to absence of dedicated bicycle lanes despite them being in the City's master plan
  • Helped fund bicycle safety awareness mailer to all residents via utility statements
  • (See safety improvements around our schools under "For Kids")

For Kids

  • Helped secure funding in the 2015 budget to maintain adequate mental health services at Roosevelt High School
  • Implemented multiple pedestrian safety improvements around our schools (and working on even more)
  • Currently working on a positive youth corridor project around Roosevelt High School, leveraging volunteers and businesses to work with youth
  • Worked with Homegrown MPLS to create a website to help neighborhoods start school gardens
  • Advocated for increased funding for Northrop and Roosevelt in 2015 MPS budget

Financial Stewardship

LGBT Issues

  • Authored ordinance change to allow gender-neutral single-stall restrooms and authored resolution encouraging businesses to go gender-neutral
  • Co-founding CM (along with CM Glidden) of the Transgender Issues Workgroup, addressing everything from police training and HR policies, to youth employment and public education

Labor and Workers

  • Led the effort to bring 33 non-union jobs in-house by breaking up the Unisys contract
  • Led early effort to get paid parental leave for nearly 4,000 City employees
  • Co-author of ordinance to ensure paid sick leave for all workers
  • Led effort to close a loophole that allowed contractors to skirt the City's apprenticeship requirements
  • One of only three CMs to vote against the reappointment of Director Korbel due to Labor concerns

Airplane Noise

  • Knocked doors to encourage and help eligible residents take advantage of airport noise mitigation funds before they expired
  • Introduced a new idea to create market incentives for airlines to fly quieter model aircraft in and out of MSP
  • Lobbied for action on airport noise in Washington, D.C. to members of Congress and staff


  • Leading effort on comprehensive rewrite of Animal Care and Control Ordinances to improve outcome for animals across Minneapolis and under facility care
  • Working to speed up rollout of fiber optic internet across Ward 12 and all of Minneapolis by helping ISPs address barriers
  • Brought historic preservationists together to pilot a workgroup model for proactive preservation
  • Defended neighborhood association funding by co-authoring 2015 budget amendment to return TIF revenue to the NCR department
  • Worked with legislators to legalize medical marijuana, including authoring a City Legislative Agenda amendment and testifying before state committee